It's week two of our Wedding Series and this week we are all about the ultimate decoration ideas for your wedding. Decorations include everything from furniture to accessories and when it comes to planning the style of your wedding venue there really is so much to think about.

So to help inspire you we've come up with our top decoration essentials that are a little bit out of the ordinary...

Lighting ... like you've never seen it before!

Photography Credit: Best Pickr

We know we harp on a lot about how key lighting is, but it really is crucial in setting a mood on your wedding day. Lighting is multifunctional and dynamic: it can enhance or detract from your wedding venues key features and that is why it's really important to focus on the mood/ theme that you would like to set on your big day.

When styled right maximalism is hard to beat. The maximalist effect is really striking and it's very easy to work your own personal style into it. If you're feeling uber creative why not create a stunning chandelier-like effect with hundreds of lightbulbs hanging from ceiling flex and fittings. With such a versatile range of light bulbs to choose from you can have fun creating unique and alternative looks that are unlikely to have been done before.

Candlelight is the ultimate romantic look. The trick is to decide whether to go maximalist or minimalist with your candle display. If you opt for maximalist think low lighting and lots of different sized candles huddled together in clusters. You could even scatter the candles down the aisle which will create a warm reflective glow during your ceremony. Alternatively, go for a minimalist look with simple tea lights or pillar candles on the wedding tables.

RSG Top Tip: For a tropical theme why not use the Palm tree floor lamp? Or this amazing light up tree which adds a magical touch to any setting.

Statement furniture


Another obvious essential is furniture! What will your guest sit on? Where will they hang out? Will the furniture be in keeping with venues natural features or will it contrast? So many questions can feel a little overwhelming, so to help you with your key pieces we've come up with the furniture essentials...

Create a cool hangout place with statement furniture. Decorate areas of your wedding venues with statement sofas and chill-out chairs ... the quirkier the better! It's a brilliant twist on the traditional and we can guarantee that these will be the perfect selfie spots for you and your guests!

Classic Rattan Peacock Chair £765.00

Yes, chairs are functional but this does not mean that you should have to compromise your wedding vision in favour of practicality. Indeed, with so much choice out there you shouldn't struggle to find exactly what you're looking for! If you're going for boho style then opt for characterful furniture that will spice up minimalist decor. But remember, less is more when trying to achieve this look!

RSG Top Tip: Can't find any chairs that suit your style? Why not find the perfect chair covers instead? This is an easy way to keep the cost of your wedding down as you can hire out basic chairs and then embellish them with beautiful cloth and ribbon.

The eye is in the detail

If you want to create a more laid back vibe why not go for on the floor seating or create an outdoors area with cushions, throws and carpets? This is a great idea if you want to work a Moroccan vibe into your wedding, but it can also be dressed up if you're opting for a more modern contemporary look as well!

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