Life Tip: Get up. Stretch. Take a walk. Go to the airport. Get on a plane. Never return.

...Just kidding!

But there really is nothing more pleasurable than flying away for a week or two and leaving your worries behind. Travelling should heighten and delight all the senses which is why we are always on the hunt for the most unique and amazing locations and hotels. In fact, Jane and Lucy (co-founders of Rockett St George) have based a lot of their styling inspiration on things that they have found or seen on their travels.

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Our latest obsession is Lake Como in Italy ...it's simply divine! The dramatic landscape captivates you from the moment you arrive, with its beautiful flowing scenery and fills you with feelings of peace and tranquillity ...Exactly what you want/need during your time off.

RSG Top Travel Tip:  Make sure you explore the Lake Como by boat. There really is no better way of appreciating the Lake's natural beauty, plus you can learn a lot about the heritage and culture of the area. 

A brand new contemporary hotel, Il Sereno designed by Milan-based architect, Patricia Urquiola has just opened its doors and it's topping our must visit list!  With such a dramatic landscape to base the architecture on and a clever utilisation of outdoor space - guests at this hotel can really enjoy the stunning scenery as well as the fabulous interiors. The open restaurant terraces, infinity pool and private balconies with floor to ceiling windows creates a dramatic effect, both inside and out. The main sun deck with clear blue infinity pool really completes the hotel's overall mid-century modern aesthetic and it's the perfect spot to top up on your vitamin D stores.

il-sereno-hotel_-lake-viewPhotography Credit: Food & Travel
il-sereno-_-travel-blog-4Photography Credit: Sereno Hotels Instagram

The outdoor terrace with its own vertical garden and collection of stylish mid-century furniture creates a cool, laid-back vibe ... you can just imagine yourself sitting there, sipping a cool cocktail as the sun goes down! By incorporating a verticle garden, the hotel not only saves space, it also enhances the beautiful backdrop of Lake Como.

RSG Top Travel Tip: Make sure you set one day aside to visit one of Lake Como's surrounding towns - Piedmonte and Bellagio are often thought of as Lake Como's most interesting and beautiful tourist spots to visit.

The inside of the hotel is an eclectic mix of contemporary design. As you walk into the hall you are greeted by sleek mid-century decor and furniture which seamlessly flows from outdoors to indoors. The bare windows connect the guests to the beautiful landscape surrounding the hotel while in keeping with the modern interiors.

il-sereno_-travel-blog-7Photography Credit: Architects Press

RSG Top Travel Tip: If you're looking to immerse yourself in some Italian culture then Museo Archeologico and Duomo Cathedral are both worth a visit.

il-sereno_travel-blog-2Image: Wallpaper.com

The hotel suites feel like having your very own lakeside villa. The strong shapes of the furniture in the bedrooms are beautifully complimented by the curtains, cushions and rugs, which do not overpower the mid-century decor. We love those beautiful wall lights! ( For a more detailed look, check out Sereno Hotel's Instagram Page).

RSG Top Travel Tip: If you're up for stuffing yourself silly with authentic Italian food then Pizzeria Balognett is our top recommendation for you! (For more top travel tips, check out Harpers Bazaar Lake Como Travel Ideas). 

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