As part of Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch is arguably one of Britain's most iconic singers of our time. But Florence's incredible musical talent is not the only credential to her name, in fact, Florence is just as well know for being a style muse.

florence-welchPhotography Credit: Newsweek

Florence's bohemian, ethereal style is a firm favourite of ours, particularly because Florence does not follow trends and stays true to her individual style and taste. From her 70's inspired retro clothing to her amazing South London home we are totally inspired by her unique style. Florence's amazing home was featured in Vogue Magazine and to celebrate this feature we have decided to take you on a mini tour... because there's nothing better than having a little nose around someone's house!

florence-at-homePhotography Credit: Vogue Magazine

florence-welch-living-roomPhotography Credit: Vogue Magazine

Florence's living room is a true reflection of her original style featuring an array of colourful furniture, walls and soft furnishings. So often it can be easy to create a mesh of clashing colours when trying to create a bright and colourful decor. But, Florence's living area is so uniquely and perfectly styled that the room just works. Opting for a calming sea blue/green walls Florence has created a space of tranquillity and colourful escapism that we adore.

RSG Top Tip:  Slowly does it! Do not try to create a colourful space all at once. Instead, allow yourself time to build the room with interesting lamps that you've bought from boot sales and colourful throws from your last trip abroad - it's more authentic and it tells your very own unique story.

florence-welch_wardrobePhotography Credit: Vogue Magazine

Florence's wardrobe is definitely a wardrobe that we would want to raid! What we love so much about Florence's dressing space is the lived-in feel she has created by dressing furniture with items of clothing and hanging vintage pieces from her curtain rails. It's an expressive area of colour and vibrancy that is not afraid to be a little bit out there! We love that Florence has rejected the minimalist look in favour of a flamboyant treasure trove. The whole dressing area has a charming vintage feel that is a true reflection of her personal style.

RSG Top Tip: To create a colourful haven with your own charming vintage pieces it's so important to forget symmetry. Rather than matching everything up evenly, go for a more free-flowing look with mismatched chairs, one-off lampshades and recycled furniture.

florence-welch-bedroomPhotography Credit: Vogue Magazine

It's hard not to feel a wave of relaxation overcome you when you look at Florence's bedroom. Full of soft pastels tones mixed with vintage patterns it's a bedroom space that instantly calms and relaxes the mind. What particularly catches the eye is her collection of vintage artwork and wall hangings displayed around the room. It really completes the bedrooms overall feel and is a great for neutral coloured walls that need a little life injected into them.

RSG Top Tip: To create a bedroom that is calm and relaxing, ensure that you opt for wall colours that create a mellow feeling rather than a busy and energising colour that would be better suited in the kitchen or your workspace. 

florence-welch-bathroomPhotography Credit: Vogue Magazine

Who wouldn't want to sit in that bath for hours on end?! An eclectic mix of vintage with a modern make-over Florence's bathroom is another brilliant reflection of her individuality. What we particularly love about the bathroom is the wall sconce hanging on the wall, which is an epic twist on the traditional.

RSG Top Tip: To add a little vintage charm to your bathroom, opt for unique finds such as one-off vintage chair like Florence's and have fun experimenting with wall hangings and artwork for an edgy, eclectic vibe.


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To see more about Florence Welch's home check out this short film from Nowness:

Fun fact ... For Gucci's recent AW17 runway show the fashion label created a Vinyl invite featuring Florence Welch reading an excerpt from William Blake's Songs of Innocence. Check out the beautiful invite below:

florence-welch_audio-recordPhotography Credit: GuardianFashion



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