In 2017 Pantone's Colour of the Year is Greenery. Refreshing and revitalising, Greenery is said to be symbolic of new beginnings. 2016 was a turbulent year and so 2017 is a year of renewal and reinvigoration in both your work life and personal life.


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So how can you work this optimistic colour into your decor? We've come up with 5 ways to add a little greenery into the home... RSG STYLE!

1. Be brave and paint your home ...GREEN!

green-kitchen Photography Credits: Claire Brody Designs
green-walls Photography Credit: Abigail Ahern & Pinterest
If you want to fully embrace the colour of the year then there is no bolder option than covering the walls with greenery. Whether you opt for a jungle green wallpaper or an expressive green paint your guests will be green with envy!
RSG Top Tip: A dose of a muted, darker green wooden flooring is the ultimate compliment to grey or white walls.
pantone_-greenery-blogRSG Products Featured from right clockwise: Abigail Ahern Paint - Mercer Green from £33.00 Ananas Wallpaper £150.00 Banana Leaves Wallpaper £150.00 Rainforest Wallpaper £150.00 Khulu Vases Wallpaper £100.00 Birds Of Paradise £150.00 Exotic Fruit II Wallpaper £150.00

2. Accessorise with pops of Greenery!

green-things_main-imagePhotography Credit: The Eye Spy Milk Bar
green-accessories-inspirationPhotography Credit: Pinterest & Molly Dollys
If you prefer subtle pops of greenery go for accessories styled throughout the home. Greenery inspired display and accessory items are emotive pieces that can bring a grounding calmness to your home interiors. Not only is this option bank account friendly, it's really easy to incorporate into the home as well. Swap out a few of your coffee table display items for green vases, jugs and coasters.
RSG Top Tip: Be fearless when creating a display focal point. The beauty of styling coffee tables, mantlepieces and bookshelves is that it can be undone and moved around as you see fit.

3. Plush Green Soft Furnishings...

green-bedding Photography Credit: Pinterest
green-soft-furnishings-inspirationPhotography Credit: Abigail Ahern & Refinery 29
Changing up your cushions is a great way of instantly updating your interiors, plus it's another easy and cheap method of incorporating greenery into your home! Opt for velvet green cushions to add a little style to your sofa and bedspread. Alternatively, go for what we like to call bohemian-maximalism and embellish your rattan chairs and floors with tropical green cushions and plush rugs.

RSG Top Tip: DIY and use old fabrics and cushion covers to create a greenery throw or wall hanging.

soft-furnishings-greeneryRSG Products from right clockwise:  Black Rattan Lounge Chair £250.00 Palm Leaf Fringe Cushion - Green £42.00 Glorious Velvet Cushions - Artichoke Green £29.00 Forest Green Velvet Cushion £28.00

4. Say it with Art.

green-interiors-blogPhotography Credit: Turbulences Deco
 green-art-wall-inspirationPhotography Credit: Co -founder of Rockett St George, Jane Rockett's House & Pinterest
Go for the more sophisticated option and style it out with Greenery inspired artwork. There's nothing more eye-catching than an extraordinary piece of art or picture wall. Display an inspiring picture wall above your desk filled with your favourite quotes, art pieces, photographs and memories.
RSG Top Tip: Mix it up with neon lighting or lightboxes to create an uber modern eclectic look.

5. Green Flowers, Plants and Planters

green-plants-main-imagePhotography Credit: Rockett St George: Faux Eucalyptus Plant £18.00
green-plants-inspirationPhotography Credit: Sarah Kaye & Pinterest
 A popular option is to fill the home with green plants. Green plants are emblematic of escapism and nature and so filling your shelves, windowsills and kitchen counters are optimal if you're looking to refresh your home. Green plants are also a fantastic choice if you're looking to incorporate the Pantone Colour of the Year but not after a permanent fix.
RSG Top Tip: If you're thinking of creating a flower and plant display steer clear from glass vases as they detract the eye from your lovely display!
For more Greenery Inspiration check out our Green With Interiors Envy Pinterest Board.
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