January is the month of renewal... with so many websites, magazines and content encouraging you to eat better, sleep better, move more, read more... The list is endless! At Rockett St George we always like to challenge the status quo and reject what is expected! We don't believe that you should start the year punishing yourself with exercise and crash diets to melt that Christmas fat, in fact, we want to keep our food trolley, giant crumpets and rosé wine! So this year, why not focus on creating a little more happiness, laughter and fun in your home? To help you along the way we have come up with our 10 top tips to shake things up with your decor at home, for a fabulous 2017.

Top Tip No.1: Make An Entrance

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-1Images via: villabetula.com

Set the tone from the moment you walk through the door. Your hallway should really be reflective of how you want to feel; you should be able to leave your worries at the doorstep and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your home. We recommend investing in trendy storage to clear the scattered shoes and coat, replacing your boring old doormat and filling vases with greenery and faux plants. If you have a small entrance, why not hang a mirror and make your space feel twice as big.

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-1Set Of 2 Antiqued Gold Metal Tube VasesWooden Crate Shoe StorageRustic Wooden Bothy Trough 

Top Tip No.2: Head To The Kitchen First

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The kitchen is often where everyone ends up hanging out, so it's nice to revamp it from time to time. If you're feeling frugal opt for new accessories which make a statement, such as gold cutlery, colanders and graters. If you want to completely rehaul your kitchen then why not go all out and make a big change? Rip up or replace the floors, replace your worktops or paint the cabinets, mix up the lighting and paint or tile the walls in a new colour - make it feel like a completely different room. It's a long process, but totally worth it if you want a big change. Don't be afraid to add artwork to your kitchen - art in unexpected places works beautifully!

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-2Gold Measuring Spoon Set, An Industrial Kitchen From Pinterest, Perfect Wall Light

Top Tip No.3: Dim The Lights

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Lighting is so important. It can make you feel really great ... or really bad! Use task wall lights for areas that you need light to work in and fit dimmer switches on your pendant lights. Lamps fitted with a low watt bulb is really where the magic happens! It can take some getting used to, but the tranquillity of a dimly lit room is something priceless to your mind, especially after a long day. Your eyes will thank you for it!

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-3Display Dome Table Lamp, Maren Ingeborg Gråbloms Home in Norway, Atelier LED Smoke Glass Bulb - Large Globe

Top Tip No.4: Keep Them Guessing With Layers & Textures

d88f8499e56f734ba7e0b80266ef7da7Sera of London

Embellish and accessorise to add your own personal style to your home. Think boho chic or industrial luxe. How ever you choose to shake things up, opt for cushions on sofas and chairs, wall hangings, gold accessories in the kitchen and stunning picture walls. Plants will lift your room and add an important feeling of vitality - palms are easier to look after and make a huge impact on a room.

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-4Braided Wall Hanging, A Picture Wall from PinterestBoho Moroccan Handwoven Cushion

"A picture wall that combines art and typography looks incredible in any space, but your bedroom is the perfect room to get quirky. Don't be afraid of empty frames, adding fun to a functional space".

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George

Top Tip No.5: Make a Statement

maren-ingeborg-grablomst-_7Image via: villabetula.com

Statement lighting, statement art, statement furniture... Anything to draw the eye. Wall hangings and bold ornaments are great at achieving this look, plus it is such an easy way to transform that long neglected corner or wall into something extraordinary! If you collect something in particular or have a keen interest in something, you can incorporate this into your idea. A collection of guitars can look really cool hung on the wall and if it's something you love, you'll be happy to look at it every day.

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-5Wall Hanging Silver Giraffe, Jane Rockett's Mantlepiece, Classic Rattan Peacock Chair

Top Tip No.6: Go For Shades ... Shades Of Grey

best-interior-design-styles-books-decorating-ideas-with-shades-of-grey-5Image via Pinterest - Shades of Grey Book by Kate Watson-Smyth

Be brave and experiment with darker tones and variations of the dominant colour in a room. When styled and mixed right, dark tones are showstopping. One of our favourites is Madison Grey by Abigail Ahern, but there are so many shades and tones that you can experiment with ... Be bold! If colour is your thing - a pop of bright colour mixed in with darker tones can accentuate the colour itself even more - you'll love it!! Dark floors can also look ultra chic, but if you're really struggling with what to do - we cannot recommend highly enough the Shades of Grey book by the fabulous Kate Watson-Smyth (psst... this book will be arriving in RSG new section very soon).

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-6_Abigail Ahern Paint - Madison Grey, Beautiful Dark Walls from Pinterest, Image: 'Interior design goes back to black' - Guardian

"For impact, go crazy with statement wallpaper. A dark or patterned ceiling is a bold way to achieve a cool look. Painting the edges of doors can create surprising detail and only uses a tester pot".  

Lucy St George, Co-Founder of Rockett St George

Top Tip No.7: Get Rugged Up

rps_clark_1837-028Image: Debbie Treloar

We love a bare floor, but a chunky rug to sink your feet into is where it's really at! Strip back those carpets to expose any original wooden floors or tiles and layer with your favourite rug. If you don't have anything special under those carpets, then laying a new one could work just as well. Good flooring will make your house feel like a home.  Use silky sheepskins and glorious rugs - we love a few layered together, if you have the space.

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-7_Wooden Floors Image via Pinterest, Cowhide Rug Image via Pinterest, AW16 Rug Collection at Rockett St George. 

"For a sense of spaciousness, use short pile rugs in light colours. Looking to make a space cosier? Think dark hues with ornate patterns."

Lucy St George, Co -founder of Rockett St George

Top Tip No.8: Time to Reflect

https://uk.pinterest.com/rockettstgeorge/mirror-mirrori-want-them-all/Image via Pinterest

Mirror, mirror ...Big or small, framed or not, hanging or on the floor. To give the illusion of a bigger room opt for a large floor mirror as a feature piece or positioned behind furniture. It's such an eye-catching look that really transforms the space. Alternatively, go for smaller, hanging mirrors to add the finishing touch to your redesign. We love the Coco Chanel Mirror which acts as a piece of art as well as reflecting a gorgeous golden glow into the room.

Top Tip No.9: Keep It Clean

05472f6ac7459fb0bb7f34cc0c9c3f68Image via Pinterest

Don't let your bathroom be boring... Re-grouting and tile transfers are both cost effective and can really uplift your bathroom. Then have fun with hanging plants (if you're anything like us and can't keep them alive then why not opt for faux?). Accentuate your home's period features if you have them and display artwork. We also think that ensuring you have plenty of storage for all of your lotions and potions will avoid a chaotic look and set a mood of calm and relaxation.

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-9Macrame Plant Hanger With Wooden Beads, A Moody Bathroom from PinterestHandmade Concrete Tile - Green Sign Design

Top Tip No.10: Sleep It Off

9e4e8629acc2d682fcb81f04aca82c8cImage: Rockett St George AW14

Create a little tranquillity and peace in the bedroom - it's where you retreat to and relax. But it should feel a little sexy too... (okay ... we finally said it!). Candles, moody lighting, sleep oils and new bedding will breathe life into your bedroom. We love a neon light above or next to the bed - it's fun and creates a lovely glow late at night...

shake-things-up-at-home-tip-10Copper Pillar Candle, Lucy St George's Home In Living EtcBeautifully Cosy Moss Stitch Cotton Throw - Slate Grey 

For more inspiration to shake up your home, head over to Rockett St George for everything NEW!

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