The 2 Lovely Gays or 2LG are their very own powerhouse. Their distinct brand and love of people have transformed their interior design business into something extraordinary. Indeed, 2LG has a lot of amazing projects and accolades under their belts including recently winning the Best Interior Designer Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards.


But, perhaps, what is so endearing about the brilliant duo is the true value and importance that they place on people. For 2LG the people behind the home is the key contributing factor behind their design and vision. It may sound simple, but this is so often overlooked. Rather than following fickle 'trends', they opt for timeless designs that have true meaning to the homeowners.

The 2LGs are busy gents, but they were kind enough to take 10 mins out to talk to us about themselves, their interior design business and what 2017 has in store for them...


1. Take us back to the beginning, when did you both first meet?
We met at a mutual friends birthday party. It's cheesey but it was LOVE at first site. We got together really quickly and haven't been apart since! That was over 10 years ago.

2. How did you come up with the idea of the Two Lovely Gays?
The postcode of our first home ended 2LG and all of our pals called us 2 lovely gays. When it came to naming our business we just went with it. Because it came from an authentic place it just seemed to work!

3. What was your biggest challenge in setting up your own interior design company?

The biggest challenge in anything is having the confidence to take a leap. This being a second career for us ( we worked as actors professionally for many years) we had the freedom to really go for it. Knowing what it takes to succeed in our previous jobs we attached that level of drive to our passion for interiors and it seems to be a winning combination. Possibly the biggest challenge to running your own business is switching off. We find it difficult to stop working as we both enjoy what we do so much!


4. You design the most incredible homes. Where do you start when coming up with a concept for each home?

Our starting point for every project is the same. It's the client. Our job is to be out there experiencing as much as possible. From theatre to art, films ballet, architecture, design shows. We travel a lot, trying to take in the best from Milan Paris and NYC. Then we store all that information and listen to our clients. That way each project is unique and each client gets the best of what the design world has to offer.

5. Tell us about your own home. What is it like and what is your décor inspired by?

Our design house (Thad what we call it), is very much our muse at the moment and it has inspired lots of the product we have launched. It's a constant source of creativity for us.

We finished renovating our previous home and then came across this detached Victorian house in need of lots of TLC. We have discovered layers of wallpaper and carpets and the attic is a treasure trove of old books and magazines. We have also used it as an opportunity to collaborate with lots of designers to create bespoke pieces. We launched a collection with Custhom at LDF for Ligne roset. Olivia Aspinall, who created a bespoke jesmonite Hall stand and artist Archie Proudfoot who did amazing sign writing on our front door. It was also the starting point for the collection of wallpaper we did with Graham and Brown, the rugs for Floorstory and the carpets we designed for Brintons. There is lots more to come!


6. What piece of furniture in your home do you both love and why?

Probably two danish skipper chairs. We have had them for years and they started off in leather now they are blue and green felt. I'm sure they will be with us forever, just in different fabrics!

7. Give us your top 3 style tips for creating a beautiful home?

Be true to yourself, take inspiration from everywhere but at the end of the day create a space for yourself!  Spend as much as you can on the little things, switches and handles for example. The things you touch every day. Don't follow trends. We think interiors should have longevity and also never really be finished. It should evolve.


8. What interior trend do you think will be hot in 2017?

We hate the word Trend. If orange suddenly became super trendy are we all suddenly expected to paint our homes orange? Surely not. It's impossible not to be exposed to trends but in the interiors world, we believe you should always trust your instinct and go for what you love, not follow trends.

9. What does 2017 have in store for 2 Lovely Gays?

We were so lucky in 2016 to collaborate and work with some amazing designers, brands and companies. We hope that 2017 will be just as exciting. We have 3 big interiors projects to launch that we are photographing in January.

As well as more new interiors clients (we start the rip out of a penthouse in Kew on Jan 5th). We will also be growing our current collections and also making new ones! The Forest Hill Collection we have made with Custhom will be expanded into a full collection as well as more work with Britons on a full carpet collection. Finally, we are about to start thinking about furniture! Can't say too much about that at the moment but we are super excited about it and can't wait to start the project!

10. Finally, list 3 RSG products that you love! 

2lg-s-rsg-product-favouritesGlossy Noir Platter With Gold Rim £31.00 Original Vintage Sofa In Velvet Slate By Ines Cole £1,995.00 Genuine Sheepskin Rug - Silky Dark Grey £59.00

2lg-rsg-fave-productsHandmade Artisan Wall Hanging - Black £49.00 Hiding Lady Lamp £350.00

Quick Fire Questions

1. We are happiest when … we are with our dog, Buckley.

2. Our favourite magazine is … Southeast London Journal

3. Our dream holiday would be… NYC... Love that city

4. Our ideal day would be spent …. with friends, brunch at our beloved st.david coffee house, walk in the park, roast, then a movie...something old...

5. Our personal motto is … making living lovely

6. Our guilty pleasures are … Ru Pauls drag race and any "real housewives" series 

7. The last film we saw was … Arrival

8. Our favourite books are … anything by Augusten Burroughs, 1984 and the bell by Iris Murdoch

9. In five years’ time ... we will be happy, healthy and still working hard.

10. The three things we can’t live without are … our dog our phone and our family and friends

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