We first met Alex Stedman, founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The Frugality, at our Artist Residence VIP event this year and were pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully warm and friendly she was in the flesh! Alex has kindly taken 10 minutes out of her busy schedule to share with us a little more about her career, home and favourite RSG pieces!

Previously a style editor at Red Magazine, Alex Stedman took a career leap in 2013 to become a freelance fashion stylist, alongside writing her blog: The Frugality. Alex Stedman has one mission; to make fashion accessible to all, even if you're feeling a little frugal! Her impeccable style extends to her gorgeous London Flat where she lives with her husband. Filled with gorgeous greys and a splash of colour here and there, Alex shows us how to live in style without breaking the bank!


1. How did The Frugality begin?
I started the blog in 2012 while I was working at Red Magazine. I wanted another outlet to talk about where I shopped and what I wore for people like me who can't buy designer clothes. As the blog grew, I eventually decided to leave Red Magazine to go freelance, which allowed me to spend more time working on the blog.

2. What were your biggest challenges of setting up your new career as a freelancer?
Stepping into the unknown and having to put in my own money for the first few months whilst waiting for payments and work to come through was scary, and learning to work from home was difficult, as I'd been office based for 11 years!


3. You recently bought a flat, what key pieces made your new house into a home?
Definitely my Ben Eine 'Change' Print, our big Ikea sofa (that fits lots of friends!) and our zinc-top table in our kitchen. We'd never had a kitchen big enough for a table before so it was an exciting move.

4. What are your favourite interiors trend of the moment?
I always love grey but I like the mix of pink and pistachio with it at the moment. My flat is mainly grey with a few dark walls and small accents of colour. I'm really into bathroom tiles in quite an obsessive way....!


5. What item of clothing could you not live without?
My Bella Freud 'Ginsberg is God' jumper and my Wyse London cashmere tracksuit bottoms.

6. You travel and visit amazing places. What city did you find the most inspiring and why?
We loved Copenhagen for its amazing food but also for its design and interior inspiration. I’ve also just come back from Mexico and love all the neon pom-pom maximalism out there. It's so not me, but that's what I love about it!

7. All I want for Christmas is…
I rarely need anything these days, but I’ve asked for my H Samuel gold hoops to be replaced and I always appreciate a good candle.


8. My New Years Resolution is…
To have a better work-life balance.

9. What does 2017 have in store for you?
Potentially upgrading from a flat to a house (TBC) and working on a new website design.


10. Finally, list 3 RSG products that you love!
I’ve spied some Black and White tiles for my new bathroom as well as the Industrial Shelving and I love the Handmade Ceramic 'Wings' plates.

alex-stedmans-rsg-product-favouritesIndustrial Shelving - One Tier Shelf £38.00 Handmade Concrete Tile - Black And White Star Design £6.50 Handmade Ceramic Plate - Wings £12.00

Quick Fire Questions

1. I am happiest when... I’m in my PJs watching a film with a cup of tea

2. My favourite magazine is… Porter

3. My dream holiday would be… I'd like to go back to Tulum, but I can spend every holiday in Japan.

4. My ideal day would be spent... At Tate Britain followed by lunch with family.

5. My personal motto is… Be nice to everyone on the way up, as you don't know who you'll run into on the way back down.

6. My guilty pleasure is… Jeremy Kyle

7. The last film I saw was… Like Father Like Son - a Japanese film about two families who found out their sons were switched at birth. Very thought-provoking.

8. My favourite book is… Women In White - Wilkie Collins

9. In five years’ time, I will be… Perhaps with a bigger family and hopefully in a new home in North London, still working on my business.

10. The three things I can’t live without are… Lip balm, my laptop and my husband!

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