With the Chelsea Flower show blooming this week, our current obsession with all things foliage and with Co-Founder Lucy's floristry background - it seemed mad not to jump on that flower bandwagon!

Stunning and impactful flower displays are every home-lovers dream, so we've put Lucy St George's 5 easy steps to create your own beautiful display PLUS a list of 5 of our fave florists for inspiration. Botanical-inspired interiors have long been a favourite at RSG, and we are thrilled that with Spring in full swing we can put these top tips into practice immediately...



This can be small, large, or a milk jug, jam jar... (anything really!) but this will determine what flowers you will need. I tend to move away from clear vases as they detract the eye from your floral arrangement. Tall vases work well with flowers such as stock, lilies, alium stalks, delphiniums. Smaller squat vases work well with domes of roses, tulips or sweet peas. We have so many unique vase designs that will transform your display into a spectacle instead of a side-thought.


(Not literally!) When choosing your flowers, for the best value try to buy seasonally as this will enable you to get the best for your money and your flowers will last longer. Columbia Road market is the best for variety and inspiration. Local florists can have really special interesting blooms. If you want to buy en mass, the lcoal supermarket has what you need! See what's on offer and rearrange them. Playing with height and scale is a simple way to create something really special.


Your flowers need treating right too! Clean the vase, remove leaves from below the water line and add plant food. Add a tiny drop of bleach or even a penny - this will help you flowers last longer - change the water every few days to prolong the life of your flowers.


If you are going for a tall vase - your flowers should proportionally be 1 1/2 times the height of the vase. Follow in the footsteps of Wabi Sabi and place your flowers in odd numbers - perfection and symmetry are overrated. Short vases look the best with a small dome arrangement - you can go for a clumps in 3 or 5 of the same flower and use foliage to fill in the gaps.


When arranging your flowers change you vantage point and look at the arrangement from a 360 to check the shape and fill the gaps with foliage such as eucalyptus or herbs. Now all you have to do is admire them! Enjoy the harmony brought into your home that comes with their colour and fragrance.


For the times you need a little extra inspo, here are our favourite go-to flower experts...

1. Rebecca Louise Law

The ever-creative Rebecca Louise Law is a London-based artist who is famous for her hanging flower installations. We were thrilled to work with Rebecca on the Blakes Botanical garden with Matthew Williamson last year, and it's always exciting to see what she will come up with next! Most recently she curated a stunning deconstructed suspended garden in the atrium of German Bikini Berlin.

Check out her Twitter for regular updates on her amazing projects.FLOWER DISPLAY REBECCA LAW.jpg
2. Tigers To Lilies

Sussex-based Tigers To Lilies is the place to go for the best of blooms, wild displays and some lovely extras like candles. Founder Emma Cabrera has a wealth of experience, and her creative eye makes for magical bouquets and displays. We're always stopping by, and can thank Emma for providing pretty plants for a lot of our shoots! The shop itself is also very stylish in sleek black. Well worth a trip! All images above come from their beautiful Instagram feed - take a peek!

Find Tigers To Lilies The Old Post House, High street, Cuckfield, Sussex, RH17 5JX


We love all things Ahern, but now the internationally acclaimed designer brings London’s first entirely “faux-florist” to Heal's flagship Tottenham Court Road Store. As much as we love the real deal - faux plants are our thing - and we're loving this innovative idea! Working with her sister Gemma Ahern, the pair are creating an all-out botanical paradise.

Visit the Faux-Florist at Heals, 196 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PJFLOWER DISPLAY AHERN4. Nikki Tibbles

The best for inspiration! A beautiful shop with market choice blooms, Nikki Tibbles' Wild At Heart in Liberty is a great pit stop for a gift or a treat for yourself 😉  Famous for its opulent and unique style, you can expect elegant displays that we would love to recreate in our own homes. If you have a big event coming up, Nikki's expertise is what you need!FLOWER DISPLAY NIKKI.jpg

5. Columbia Road flower market

Have a go yourself using Lucy's top tips and visit Columbia Road Flower Market. Not only is it a great day out with an amazing array of flowers, but there's also a great choice of food and entertainment. If you love a vintage find you're also in luck!  The Flower Market is also perfect for browsing antique home ware, garden and independent fashion stores.

Visit the market every Sunday from 8am - 2pm on Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG



As total Instagram addicts, it is only fitting we share a few motivational floristry accounts for you to keep an eye on 😉

geo_fleur - Succulents for days! Check this out for bespoke botanical beauty...crisp white pics and lots of gorgeous greenery...

swallowsanddamsons - Behind the scenes of a little flower shop in Sheffield. Think deep jewel tones and velvety petals. Dark and sumptuous images to drool over.

rebelrebele8 - Vibrant bursts of colour from every bouquet! These wedding florists are wild.

thejungalow - The perfect source of boho interior inspiration. Living walls and towering house plants aplenty.

linda_lomelino - Okay, this one is mostly cakes, but Linda's images are always adorned with the most incredible floral displays that are often involved in the food itself. Lovely.

Rockett St George x Saint Floral Masterclass

In April 2018, we hosted a masterclass with the fabulous Saint Floral, to celebrate the upcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex). Hosted at The Kensington Hotel the theme was focused on 'How To Furnish Your Palace' and our wonderful co-founder, Jane Rockett, chatted with the founder of Saint Floral, Hannah Agnes Antmann on how to create eclectic yet effortless interior & floral styles. The pair discussed techniques, working with colour palettes and discussing current/future style trends, all of which could be adopted in the home to create a stylish space. Saint Floral, founder Hannah then taught guests how to create the perfect backdrop with a range of seasonal and charmingly wild botanical displays.

Keep an eye on our events page for future events like this and to see more images of the beautiful event, check out our Pinterest board.

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