About a third of our lives are spent sleeping, and the healing properties of sleep are essential for a happy healthy lifestyle.

A good snooze is reviving, really effects how you look and feel and has boundless benefits. Sleeping soundly can improve your memory, increase creativity and banishes dark circles. We've teamed up with natural beauty specialists Kiss The Moon to bring you an exclusive, expertly sourced 5-step guide based on their Beauty Sleep Survey research on how to make your sleeping space as tranquil and stress-free as can be.

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Create a soothing atmosphere! A dimmer switch or lower wattage bulbs with a collection of candles will significantly improve the night ahead. Take it easy on your eyes and wind down without your phone screen - they emit a blue light that will just switch your body into wake up mode. You can easily create an alternative low light accessory like a terrarium filled with fairy lights - see our DIY guide here.

Colours affect the way we feel, so make sure you bedroom is somewhere you can relax. At Rockett St George we find that darker tones help us feel laid back as well as looking stylish. Here are some moods you can evoke in your room through the use of colour:

Deep Blue: Encourages Efficiency

A dark blue will purify your thinking and cool down your mind.

Green: Healing

Green represents nourishment and rejuvenation.

Light Blue: Promotes peacefulness

Light blue accents are  harmonious and relieve tension.

Muted Pink: Soothing

A tone like this is tender as well as pretty!



Relaxing rituals before bedtime are essential. Soaking in a warm scented bath will ease tired muscles and wind down your mind. The notes of lavender, orange blossom, jasmine and geranium in Kiss The Moon bath oils smell divine, and are an office fave for getting a good night's sleep. Create a beautiful bathroom sanctuary to retreat to. You can read our top bathroom decor tips here.

Sleep and our sense of smell both use the most ancient part of our brain (the bit that keeps us alive and healthy) so it makes total sense that they are connected. If this means burning scented candles (don't forget to blow them out!) or enjoying the aromas of pillow mists to bedtime balms, just find the scent that makes you go 'ahhhh...'



We all know that feeling of trying to make it to the end of a page in a book but becoming snatched up by sleep. Those long blinks combined with your comfy bed allow your muscles to rest and a nap comes calling! Not only can reading before bed help distract you from the day, but it's proven that going to bed happy will increase your chances of a good night's rest. Flicking through the pages of a beautiful book like Kinfolk Home or Home Style By City before bed is one of our favourite ways to chill out and get the ideas logged for tomorrow morning...


kissthemoon 4.jpg

You mustn't overlook your actual bed! Ensuring you are surrounded by the softest and most comfortable cushions, throws and linen is a deal breaker. Falling asleep in a space surrounded by beautiful objects has been shown to improve the quality of your slumber and result in pleasant dreams - what more do you need? A bed cover of natural linen will only get softer with each wash, as well as feeling cool on a hot day and warm in colder weather. Genius!

You can never have enough pillows. Lend a touch of glamour with an embellished number like our Benni Cushion, or go with a pair of Glorious Velvet's for a super soft space to lay your head.



It's easy to relax when surrounded by your favourite sounds. Though you might have a go-to soundtrack to wind down to, Kiss The Moon have made it a whole lot smoother by creating a sleepy playlist for you... We've added it to our Spotify playlists so it's on hand when you need it.

1234 - Heist
My Sad Captains - Elbow
Dream a Little Dream - The Beautiful South
Speaking Confidentially – Cowboy Junkies
The Shining – Badly Drawn Boy
Night Bus – Lucy Rose
Home – Jasmine Thompson

Light off. Music on. Listen here.


WIN - kissthemoon1

In honour of this collaboration we're giving away a Candlelit Bathtime Kit to one lucky winner! Enjoy the softness of our Glorious Velvet cushion in grey, a Black Bath and Massage Brush, a set of Moorish Lanterns and a Victorian Pozzi Scented Candle to transform your room into a totally tranquil space. We're also giving away the Kiss The Moon Dream collection of Bath Oil, Pillow Mist and Balm to create a lovely, laid back atmosphere to help you unwind before a perfect night's sleep.

To be in with a chance of winning these treats from Kiss The Moon and Rockett St George, all you need to do is answer one simple question...


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