This week we're bringing you a guest blog from our very own Co-Founder and Director Lucy St George all about mastering the nursery slope of interior styling: The Coffee Table.

coffee table1.jpg

The coffee table is where a lot of my free time is spent, so I try to fill it will things I love! It can be easy for a coffee table to look overcrowded, so I always make sure there's enough space for a cuppa, a magazine (and occasionally my feet..)


I love playing with height and scale when I style. Layering books is a must, and displaying items on a mirror or single tile is an effective and pretty way to show off my favourite things. Right now I'm focusing on preparing for Spring and Summer with a few of our leafy faux plants and copies of books we've just started selling. I regularly rotate what magazines and books I have out, but The Kinfolk Home is an absolute must for any interior lover and I can't see it moving any time soon! I also love Australian magazine Vogue Living for my home inspiration and perusing Bake In Black: Music-Inspired Baking. (Not featured - it's now in the kitchen!) This book focuses on two of my favourite pastimes.... Cake and music!!


Music in the office and at home are a must and we always have a varied and eclectic selection of tunes in both. I love the Rockett St George playlists on Spotify and often have them playing, there is a playlist for every occasion.


A coffee table is the perfect spot for bringing the outside in. I often move things around from week to week depending on how I'm feeling, so sometimes this slice of nature is a terrarium, other times a faux plant or a few seasonal blooms.

coffee table2.jpg


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