A home is an extension of you. If you take a look through your home and see where you have taken inspiration from, often it will be items found on travels or holidays - whether an idea you've had or a physical object. For the times you need inspiration but can't hop on a plane...Home City By Style is the answer! This beautiful book does the traveling for you and makes that inspiration accessible to all of us.

Home Style By City captures the essence of five design forward cities and invites the reader into a selection of beautiful homes that represent the heart of each city style. Writer Ida Magntorn visited her five favourite cities to research, question and photograph everything interiors. In this beautifully designed book you will find inspiration for your own decor by exploring a Parisian apartment, a New York loft or an effortless Scandinavian flat...


Not only offering an insight into the mood of each location through images, Home Style By City includes playlists, book and film recommendations and DIY 'Get The Look' guides. We love the thoughtfulness of it. Turning each page feels more like reading an intimate travel journal or scrap book - not a commercial city guide. In this book you follow Ida into the nooks and crannies of her vintage-loving friends' homes in Paris, London, New York, LA and Copenhagen for a journey of gorgeous decor discovery.

Our favourite has to be (surprise surprise) the New York section. We can't deny our love for exposed walls, trailing hanging houseplants and eclectic decoration - and why should we? Ida declares New York's soul as 'artistically intelligent, bohemian and smart'. We love the effortlessly fine-tuned sense of style of every New York room.


It goes without saying how much we adore plants in the home. However, if you're anything like us we much prefer to fake it when bringing the outside in! This plant recipe page is beautiful, and gives tips and tricks on how to easily style hangings baskets and different types of 'garden' arrangements. We love how little care a desert garden needs, but just imagine how easy a faux plant garden is to maintain...


This amber-hued mood board instantly caught our attention. We love the natural textures of feather, wood and shell - with a combination of these you can create a truly unique colour palette with your display. Place feathers in vases with your flowers, pin up personal photographs, art and memos and welcome the warmth you'll feel from seeing your treasured items every day.


In short, this book encompasses everything there is to love about exploring new places. The character of a city is often encapsulated in the style of its inhabitants: whether it's the romanticism and femininity of Paris, easygoing nature of nordic design or the bohemian heart of sunny LA. Personality is the key to a beautiful home, and thanks to Home Style By City handfuls of inspiration has been thrown our way!

It's now time to get truly creative. Read the book, feel inspired and start planning your next decor adventure. Will it be Paris, London, LA, New York or Copenhagan?

Check out the Home Style By City New York playlist HERE.


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