At Rockett St George we want less house and more home, so this month we've got our eyes on the sleeker side of bohemian living. We are huge fans of interior stylist and writer Sibella Court's interiors, and adore the way she uses natural materials and objects to enhance a room. Feeling inspired, we have brought in even more natural textures including rattan and shells, but are combining them with our dark side - hard edged industrial furniture. The result is always striking, especially when paired with leafy greens and a cleverly layered display.




The colours of each natural texture connect the look together as well as adding warmth, and we've also chosen to inject a little modernity with our glam metallic Star Trays. To help you ease into the warmer months our summer inspired accessories such as straw hats and bags add to the laid back look.


Let's talk lampshades. This new handcrafted Rattan Lampshade combines traditional Vietnamese design with contemporary shaping - creating an incredible and unique feature for your room. Though we love a statement light framed against a dark wall, you can also make an impact with white walls in a botanical inspired interior.


When combining rough textures with the hard lines of metal furniture, it's good to soften the edges a little with some delicate trailing plants. Using foliage of different lengths creates a gentle tumbling effect as well as bringing in colour into the space.


To add shape and contrast to a tabletop display like this one, using different sized pots or vases to house your pens, paintbrushes or even cutlery is easy yet effective. The smooth but angular surface of these two Concrete Geometric Plant Pots draws the eye and compliments the factory inspired furniture.

We've used a shimmering Pearlised Nautilus Shell as the perfect display item for this scene. Just like Sibella Court we found these gorgeous shells so you (and we!) can recreate this look at home.


Of course we focus a lot on what goes on the floor when styling a room, but we also need to look at the floor itself. The Chunky Jute Rug lifts the whole scene, making the room not just a showroom of beautiful items but more homely and connected.

Make this look yours and have a browse of all things new at Rockett St George.

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