We've been thinking a lot about bathrooms lately. Maybe it's the start of spring and our love of natural light - bathrooms always look fresh and beautiful in pools of daylight. Or maybe it's because Mother's Day warrants a total bathtub-hogging indulgence spree!

Either way, when considering home decor our thoughts often go to living rooms with deluxe wallpaper, bedrooms with fabulous mirrors and kitchens with our dream storage. But there is absolutely no reason why your bathroom can't look just as awe-inspiring.


Your bathroom is not just a place of function. It's not just an area to occasionally prune and pamper. It's an oasis of relaxation and a chance to get inventive with your interiors. A long soak in the tub is the perfect time to escape, so the bathroom is the ideal space to transform into a wild rainforest, a glamorous retreat or a sleek suite.


There are 5 key actions you can take to make your bathroom as amazing as these...


Stamping personality on the home is something we always shout about because it's so important. The home is an extension of yourself, so don't force a style that doesn't match your personality! If you are a neat person, symmetry is the key element to displaying subtle art and prints on the wall. If you are a little bit wild, why not use images of all shapes and sizes? Make a point of always keeping it personal to you. A picture wall that combines art, typography and photographs looks incredible in any space, and a bathroom is the perfect room to take it up a level and get really quirky. We love these eclectic vintage-inspired displays. The unique use of empty frames and bookshelves adds some fun to an otherwise functional space...



Storage and accessories definitely cross over. Try keeping your towels and toiletries in baskets that fit your theme. They enhance the space with texture and colour as well as having a practical use - ideal! We love tucking them into corners or hanging from the back of the door. Alternatively, certain shelving can provide storage space as well as allowing you to show off display items and beautiful trailing plants. Industrial storage is a huge favourite of ours as it helps create amazing style spots as well as fitting many interior styles.



Don't be dull. We are so in love with how Grazia featured our reclaimed wooden floor tiles as wall coverings instead - you can get really creative! Metro tiles are striking on floors and walls, and come in a variety of styles to help you achieve the look you love.



All we want is a chandelier over a free standing tub like 47 Park Avenue blogger Michael Minns! But, do not fret, there are many other amazing ways to light up the room. We prefer to see ourselves in flattering lighting when peering into our bathroom mirrors, so avoid lighting just above the mirror - it will only cast unfortunate shadows! Try using a pair of sconces or downward wall lights mounted on either side of the mirror for flawless makeup application and shaving scenarios... Candles and dimmer switches on main pendant lights provide ambient light to accompany a soothing environment.



Honestly, a bathroom feature can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you incorporate an oversized ornate mirror or a perfectly edited perfume bottle display - you just want it to draw the eye and make the room sing. And dance. And make everyone who sees it rethink their own interior design! An amazing mirror enhances natural light, opens up small spaces and adds an extra wow factor. If you add a complimentary statement light to the scenario, you've got yourself one gorgeous interior.


At home we've been using shimmering shells as ornaments and soap dishes which create beautiful features all on their own.


If you love all these looks as much as we do #GetTheLook and make them your own!


For even more inspiration, check out our Bathroom Pinterest board for a wide range of beautiful interiors...



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