Marianne Brandi, the creative force behind DAY HOME, takes her inspiration from her worldly travels using natural textures to create amazing decorative homeware that we love.

DAY HOME is the natural extension of clothing brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen, combining luxurious vintage influences with modern Scandinavian simplicity. Expect quality craftmanship with creative embellishment and earthy ethnic materials with refined textiles. Every item is as richly beautiful as the last.


1. Marianne, how do you think your Danish background has influenced your interior design style?

Hmmm, I never thought about that. My father was interested in design and quality. We had traditional teak furniture designed by Arne Jacobsen - they where not highlighted as something designed at that time - it was not hyped like today. It was simply made for average households that had furniture of a certain standard. I guess that looking at that furniture and growing up in an environment that had aesthetic standard has been influential.

2. DAY HOME has been established for over ten years now,  do you have any big plans for 2016?

We have changed partner on the DAY HOME collection, which is very exciting. It’s a partner that truly understands the brand and loves it. We've just had a meeting and agreed to participate on all Scandinavian fairs in 2016, and to introduce new interesting things into the collection.


3. We love monochrome decor at Rockett St George (and know you do too!), but how would you recommend incorporating colour into your home?

I have decorated my earlier homes very monochrome. I still use it a lot, but now I mix it with all sorts of things. I use monochrome fabric on antique furniture, and I have a mix of different porcelains in monochrome that I mix when I set the table. I use it here and there in all rooms.


4. Your design is influenced by many cultures, but where is your favourite place to visit for gorgeous interior inspiration?

I don't have one favourite place, I find inspiration everywhere I go, but I always end up influenced by Indian craftsmen.

5. Do you also find yourself looking to fashion for home inspiration?

Since I am also creatively responsible for the DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN women’s line, I cant help it. It comes out in another ways, but I definitely use prints and artworks that are either the same or similar. Colours resemble each other, but it isn’t the same yellow that suits a person and a sofa, so colours are always carefully selected for each line.


6. We've seen photographs of your incredible home (above) with your beautifully executed picture wall. Do you have any tips on editing what goes on display?

Don’t be a snob about it. Make it personal. We have a mix of our daughters sketches, gifts things that came with the house, heritage and actual art. It has to have a certain homogenic look when you do it, so we place everything on the floor to see how it looks before we start the hanging up.

7. What's your favourite room of the house?

I really cant say. I LOVE the kitchen in the morning and in the evening. I love the living room before dinner, I love the library when I watch TV, I love my bathroom in the morning light. I love the whole house!


8. We are totally love with our new Triangle Wool Day Birger rug. What's your favourite or most memorable piece of homeware that you own and why?

It’s the silver boxes in the pictures (above). I found them in an antique shop in India on a trip with my husband. It was one of my first trips there, and these boxes just make me remember the impression India made on me, and still does, as well as being beautiful and looking like temple rooftops.

9. Both Day Birger Home and clothing range have been described as 'Everyday Couture'. Can you advise any quick fixes for easily creating a feeling of luxury in everyday life?

Daily couture for us means that you dress to inspire. But it also means that the things we aspire to create in our collections are tended to, like having small details, artworks and prints that make them something else.

Finally, a few quick fire questions!

I'm happiest when I'm: with my family.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: guilt and pleasure don't go together in my world
My favourite magazine is: The Danish magazine RUM (will be published in the UK soon)
If money was no object I would: not change a thing
My best skill is: I am honest
My personal motto is: be true to yourself
My favourite film is: My Nights in Paradise
In 5 years I'd like to: I am not a planner, or a dreamer. But it would be nice if I was still 53 at that time!

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  1. nicolamranson
    What a lovely home! I love the big plants and the frames on the mantelpiece. 'Not being a snob' is a great tip for making your house a home not a showroom!
    1. rockettstgeorge
      Aaah thanks Nicola - so glad you liked the post! xx
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