On a recent visit to Marrakech Co Founder Lucy St George fell in love with the interiors - especially the flooring. Moroccan decor is bursting with flair and creativity. The drama of their bold patterns are inspired by a variety of cultural and religious influences, and are often tucked inside far plainer exteriors. We love the idea of a magical and mysterious room waiting to be experienced, which you can now replicate at home with our new collection of Handmade Concrete Tiles.


The Handmade Concrete Tile collection is inspired by traditional North African designs, reminiscent of the ceramics sold in Moroccan Souks. The true beauty of these tiles is how they inspire creativity, everyone has the ability to use them in any way they like.

We love using tiles as ornaments and stylish coasters for our plantpots and coffee cups at home and in the office. They are a work of art even when displayed by themselves. They can be used in so many beautiful ways and, as Lucy says, any product with more than five uses is a super investment!


Whether matched or mixed for a unique splashback surface in the kitchen, as serving platter or to decorate skirting boards and window sills, the tiles are versatile in pattern and use.

Complete the earthy embellished look with all things boho cool for Spring Summer!


Patterned tiles are perfect for adding a personalised touch as you can mix and match in any way to create the look you love. Our personal favourite way to decorate with these tiles is front facing in a stair rise for the ultimate show of beauty. With their striking graphics these tiles are ideal for instantly creating a distinctive feature in the home.

We've also put together an inspiration board of beautiful interiors decorated with tiles to show you just how you can incorporate this style into your own home. Please click through to our Pinterest to see more!



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