Gemma and Elisa are seasoned interior designers who run Rose & Grace, a successful home styling business. They recently set up Facebook group Little Black Book of Interiors to provide a laid back online community for interior lovers to post photos of their home and dig for the perfect products. The group is a space for like minded individuals to share design ideas, source products, ask advice and discuss all things interior design. We're in!


We caught up with Gemma and Elisa to find out more...

We love how you've created an online space for homeowners to discuss their design plans, where did the idea come from?

We thought that there was a niche in the market for a design-led interiors forum to share ideas whilst benefiting from expertise of interior design advice. Everyone loves a Facebook group from a community perspective and loves to share their own interior inspiration.

How does LBBOI help you in your day to day running of Rose & Grace?

Since its inception we have seen an increase in enquiries and website views. The dynamic of the group also enhances our business since it opens our eyes up to new designs and contacts - both retailers and tradesmen.

Do you prefer to style homes or commercial spaces?

Homes are where the majority of our experience lies but that doesn't mean to say we wouldn't want to do commercial projects and we have already done a few to date. We love being part of a gradual process; first building relationships with clients, then transforming spaces in people's houses and creating something they are proud to live in.

Which is your favourite room to style?

Definitely children's bedrooms as we are able to be free flowing with creativity and use pops of colour liberally. Clients are often a bit more daring with colour and accessories for their little people's spaces.

What has been the best project you've ever worked on?

All our projects are unique as every job brings something different to the table, but winning our first proper piece of business was a proud moment for Elisa and I.


How would you describe each others interior styles?

Gemma on Elisa : Modern and minimal with a retro flair and a passion for use of colour through art and accessories.

Elisa on Gemma: slightly more classic contemporary mixed with eclectic pieces with an ethnic bias. Gemma loves glamming up neutrals. Clients get the full breadth of our tastes to choose from and often end up somewhere in the middle.

Where do you look to for interior inspiration?

We both love our fashion and style and love London and what it has to offer . Our inspiration comes from being out and about, traveling, visiting new places, restaurants, pop ups, cool shows and markets.

What top tips can you give for people who are just starting out with a blank canvas in their home?

Don't rush...a home takes time to build. Layer up with different textures. Be bold and mix up styles. Sometimes the best pieces come when you are not even looking with regards to art and accessories. Don't be afraid to use colour and pattern. Speak to Rose & Grace!


Do you have any big plans for Rose & Grace this year?

ur plan is to grow and develop LBBOI and link with Products and retailers with special offers. Watch this space!

How do you want to expand the LBBOI community?

Word of mouth, press coverage and retailer affiliations.

Which trends are you most excited about for 2016?

Bringing the outdoors indoors with use of botanicals in homes, seeing an unusual mix of textures together and seeing bolder geometric statements.

Finally, a few quick fire questions!

I'm happiest when I'm: With my family, shopping for homeware and browsing the Rockett St George website! (G)
My biggest guilty pleasure is: protein shakes and Barrys boot camp! (E)
My favourite magazine is: Living etc (both of us)! And Grazia!
If money was no object I would: buy a holiday home (E)
My best skill is:  finding the unfindable (G)
My personal motto is: treat people how you would like to be treated (E)
My latest obsession: House plants (G) and my David Bowie Pure Evil original print. (E)
My favourite film is: True Romance. I recently watched it again and it's still amazing. (G)
My go to track: Nina Simone - feeling good (E)
In 5 years I'd like to:  We'd love an interiors TV show or to create a collaboration with a home retailer and a fashion designer .


Follow Rose & Grace Interiors on Instagram for trend inspiration and updates on their projects! If you love the idea of LBBOI as much as we do, then join the facebook group here.

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