From time to time, we all have to fake it. But who cares when your wallpaper looks this good?

The saying usually goes, 'fake it til you make it', but Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek made it big time before focusing on the faux stuff. Eek graduated from the Academy of Industrial Design in 1990 with his signature design, a Classic Cabinet in Scrapwood. In a time where most designers were experimenting with more exuberant styles, he chose more simple and practical designs. 

Since then Eek has been producing unique products using scrap or re-used materials and transforming them into revitalised, beautiful items. His designs are refined yet tough, with an industrial character that resonates through all of his collections.

After the worldwide success of Scrapwood Wallpaper, Piet Hein Eek and design studio NLXL have collaborated once again to produce a contemporary new range: Materials. We'll be launching these new designs at RSG later this month, but couldn't wait to show you a preview of the gorgeous new collection!

We've been enjoying the Scrapwood Wallpapers for over five years now, and are very excited to add this brand new range of magnificent marbles to our collection...


We've always dreamed of having glossy marble walls, but as we all know this luxurious surface can be expensive and hard to install. With these incredibly realistic trompe l'oeil wallpapers the effects can now be enjoyed easily anywhere in your home.

Each scanned from genuine materials, these wallpapers look amazingly authentic styled on the wall, ceiling or adjusted to fit cupboard doors. The black and white marble wallpapers were scanned from the floor of an old building in Amsterdam -what a perfect way to add a little slice of history to your home!


The collection is available in black, white and gold colourways with a variation of tile shapes and sizes. The Gold design is particularly dazzling, with intricate shimmering veins that we'd kill to see on our walls! (Luckily, it doesn't have to come to that...) The 10 meter rolls are easily hung and washable with a soft cloth, just another reason why these wallpapers are a must-have for 2016.


What we love most about Amsterdam-based Piet Hein Eek (aside from the brilliant creativity) is the ethos behind his business. The workshops, offices, showroom, storage and packing are all in one place, operating as a small yet powerful independent name. They do everything in one place and in their own unique way... exactly how we run things at the RSG HQ!

Piet Hein Eek's Wallpapers are a Rockett St George staple and best seller, so we are certain this glorious new collection will be flying off the shelves and into your homes in no time! To get you ready for the launch we have put together a gallery of some inspiring ways for you to use these wallpapers at home - just click through to enjoy!


Follow Piet Hein Eeek on Instagram for more insight into his workshops and behind the scenes shots.

Samples will be available from the 1st of March. For more details please email or call us! / 01444 253391


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