Now we've got January out of the way we are SO ready to prep for Spring and Summer. Think quirky, laid-back California with an industrial edge. We're all about eclectic display and are placing a strong emphasis on natural materials this season. Combining the textures and colours of natural rope, woods and luscious faux plants with distressed metal you can create the perfect casually cool living space.

Soak up some inspiration with our new shoot and get the look.

Get The Look - February


These gorgeous California Stools have woven jute tops on twisted bamboo frames which creates a beautifully intricate pattern. They are perfect as either stools or side tables and add a light touch to any room - we think they look great in a conservatory! We've used them as side tables to show off some new accessories for a modern contrast. Furniture like these not only adds instant California cool, but acts as a long term investment, too. Woven natural materials age so beautifully as they settle into the home.

Adding luscious leafy plants always lifts the mood of a room, but as you know, we are lovers of the Faux. These Ferns and Succulents look beautiful all year round! Adding plants of different shapes and heights avoids a flat display whilst introducing vitality to the space. Hang foliage from the Display Hanging Bottles and create a piece of art rather than an accessory. Try changing up the display with flowers, feathers or even herbs: reflect the seasons and make it your own.

We've spoken before about Style Spots, and how to concentrate on one area at a time to achieve a real impact in each room. Here we've played upon colour accents with a fresh yellow against the darkness of the walls and a beautiful Black Bench to draw attention to the area. We love making a space look inviting, and a style spot such as this - with a table and chair - is definitely suited to sitting back and relaxing! We've layered our favourite new books Makers of East London and The Kinfolk Home for a more personal touch. Add Velvet Cushions for a soft texture and extra comfort.

The gorgeous Triangle Wool Rug brings the most amazingly sumptuous texture, inspired by North African design and perfect for padding around barefoot in the Summer!

Last but not least, the Wire Bamboo Lampshade provides an impacting focal point for this room. The shade combines the soft and natural texture of bamboo with an industrial edge, perfectly capturing the overall feel of our Get The Look style.


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