This year we've decided it's about time to turn away from the florists and champagne* and get creative with our Valentines Day.

*Okay, we're obviously keeping the champagne...



Book a course at Go Ape. Yes, we mean it. If your partner still wants to go for a candlelit dinner with you after they've witnessed you clinging hysterically from a rope at a great height - they're a keeper! Use your V day treat as a chance to get a little adventurous and unleash your inner Tarzan!

Prices from £33



What could be more romantic than a beautifully written love song? Learn how to write an original song in an hour with cheeky, charming cabaret performer, ukulele player and singer-songwriter Tricity Vogue. All you need is yourself, an instrument (your voice, a ukulele, the spoons) and your smart phone. This is a seriously unique event that we're certain will make some memories (and some laughs...)

We've also spotted their Ukulele For Beginners class - put down those flowers and serenade each other like never before! You'll have a no.1 hit before you know it.

Song classes from £14, Ukulele classes from £18 via The Indytute



Why watch a movie in the cinema when you can play detective yourself? Really get to know each other this year at The Escape Game in Brighton. You and your valentine will be trapped inside a room and have 60 minutes to escape using problem solving and good old fashioned intuition. There are two mad missions to pick from: we think this would be a perfect double date experience, as well as a fun thing to do before a night out. We dare you...

Prices from £45




Nothing says sexy like the twists and turns of sultry tango dancer. Now it's your turn. Take a look at London's Best Tango Classes and get ready for an energetic evening with your valentine! Tango is an intimate and exciting way to get to know someone, and an even better way to enjoy the company of someone you know well. If you're both rubbish, at least you can laugh about it afterwards over a meal...



Instead of sitting down for dessert at your favourite restaurant, why not try something a little more unusual? We've discovered a huge range of amazing offers on cookery classes to tantalize the taste buds and ensure you have a creative date ahead of you. We love the idea of sharing a new experience, and it's a total bonus that delicious food is involved. What could be more romantic than a little Artisan Sausage making?! We've got our eye on this Dim Sum class - yum.

Prices vary - via Edible Experiences



We always love the idea of bringing the outside in, so a carpet picnic is ideal for these colder months. You can get truly creative with your valentine. Blankets, cushions, candles, plants, wine, food, fairy lights... you can design the perfect little hideaway in the comfort of your own home. And you won't even have to move when you stick on a movie. We recommend stocking up on some great bar accessories to make homemade cocktails for a perfectly unconventional and memorable night in.




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