This week is supposedly the most miserable week of the year. So we're going to help cheer you up! On Monday Red Magazine teamed up with Action For Happiness to spread a smile and kick out those January Blues. To support this cause we've put together our own 10 Keys To Happiness In The Home. We know that a person's environment can make a huge impact on their wellbeing, so here you go...

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1 Giving: Give your home some love
We are always taking bunches of flowers to loved ones, so why not treat your home to some too? Next time you are passing a florist or market pick up a houseplant or some freshly cut hyacinths for their beautiful scent. Bringing nature indoors is a fool proof way to brighten your day. At the moment we're loving Faux Succulents and Cacti - they'll last forever!

2 Relating: Connect with your friends and family
All houses have an area where your family and friends can gather so make proper use of it! Invite people over for dinner, bring out the candles and cook up a feast - you'll be amazed at how much the atmosphere transforms.

3 Exercising: Clear up, clear out
Clearing the home cleanses the mind. Don't put up with unwanted mess! Take part in a routine clean up instead of putting it off - you'll feel much better for it. Organise your clothes drawers and clear out the junk from the back of your kitchen cupboards. You may find long lost items that would be better suited on display than hidden away.

4 Appreciating: Spruce up old items
Paint a chair! Put different door knobs on your wardrobe. Find new beauty through creativity. Inspiration for the home can be taken from anywhere, including what you already own! You don't need expensive new things to transform your décor - you can always recreate a style you love through creative thinking. Even something so simple as replacing the cushions on a sofa will refresh your living space.

5 Trying out: Keep learning new things
It's never too late to learn a new skill, however small! Challenge yourself. If you're someone who would prefer to call in a decorator, then scrap that and pick up the brushes and roller yourself. Painting a room is hard work but completely therapeutic and rewarding. Doing it yourself means you can completely curate the look you love.

If you need any help, visit our wallpaper and paint department for some colourful inspiration.

6 Direction: Get started on new home projects
Make a plan. Our favourite thing to do is curate new picture walls (hardly a surprise if you follow us on Instagram!) Changing up the artwork in your home is a fun way to alter the mood of a room. Art collecting does not need to cost a fortune. We think printing out your own Instagram photos and framing them is a personal and practical way to get started on an affordable yet visually stunning art display.

7 Resilience: Don't give up on your decor
If your decor is looking a little tired, remember how excited you were when you first had it all done. Changing the position of a bed or switching a lamp shade can make your room feel as good as new. It's 2016 - you can do whatever you please! As long as a room shift brings positive energy and enhances the flow of space, you will definitely appreciate the change of scenery.

8 Emotion: Relaxed rooms
Feeling positive is easy when your favourite songs are playing, a candle is burning and the wine is open! Learning how to spend time alone in your house is crucial to a happy home life. Fill your room with candles. A flickering candle is calming, the light is delicate and they can smell beautiful too. Easy and effective. Styling a light display with various holders and candle shapes will help you wind down every time you light it.

9 Acceptance: Be comfortable in your home
When we all have guests we ensure that the house looks its best. We think you should treat yourself as a guest, and make your home as beautiful as possible all the time. Spraying your bed linen and quilts with your favourite scents gives your bed space a signature, and placing lavender in your drawers is a timeless tip. You know that pampered feeling in a great hotel? You can totally recreate that. You deserve to enjoy your home at its finest.

10 Meaning: Be part of something bigger
If you do feel the need to revamp your decor, then don't just throw out your old stuff. One person's trash is another person's treasure! You can pretty much donate anything these days and be safe in the knowledge it is going to another good home. One charity, Emmaus, provide support for the homeless through amazing recycling projects.

Look forward to a happy Monday, a happy January and a happy 2016!

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