"Always the coolest guy in the room."


David Bowie had an extraordinary life. His music and style is timeless - you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who, at some point in their life, had not been touched or at least influenced by his music. We will always to be in awe of his presence in every aspect of art, design, music and fashion.

At RSG we can't help but be attracted to the unusual and rebellious. At 13, co-director Jane spent hours carefully drawing an enormous zigzag across the whole of her teenage bedroom. Originally inspired by Ziggy Stardust, that desire to stamp a mark on her surroundings continues today.

Whilst we are truly saddened by yesterday's news, we are also thrilled to have been lucky enough to experience a world in which such innovation is possible. In light of this, we want to celebrate his life in the way we know best: appreciating gorgeous design.


Many Bowie fans will know about his incredible holiday retreat 'Mandalay' on the private island of Mustique. Designed by architect Arne Hasselqvist, New York designer Robert J. Litwiller and Bali-based designer Linda Garland, the house featured Japanese and Scandinavian inspired pavilions tied with Indonesian elements of gilded doors and intricate columns. In short, it's a dream.

The interior was shaped to enhance the concept of a 'British retreat in the tropics', and is rich with amazing 19th century furnishings designed by Garland. We love the extravagant tropical theme and botanical-inspired ceiling in the study.


Much like the world Bowie created to express his art, Mandalay was easy to get lost in. "You can go eight days and find a different place each day", he said of the holiday home, "I love a good cliché, and this house, for me, is just the most delightful cliché. What you have to realise is that Mustique is a fantasy island.”

We love that the Starman himself ditched the glitter for the ultimate contrast: a natural, earthy exterior with a modernised interior. Every aspect of David Bowie's life represented 'fantasy' - to be able to transform into any character and express this through different channels. In the same way, this is why we love interiors.

Rockett St George was born from a love of finding eclectic items from car boot sales and incorporating them into the home. We have a passion for expressive homeware and love being able to help others achieve these looks in their own rooms.

Though we may not be able to dress a room up in skin tight metallic trousers and a red mullet, we can damn well try! It is so important to make your home an extension of yourself, just as a musician or painter does with their art.

Whether you are into the bohemian, glam, minimal, modern or vintage, there is a room for you. Whether you are after opulence or DIY pieces there are ways to achieve this. If you draw inspiration from different cultures, countries or the latest catalogues - again, there is a room for you! The beauty of styling is the fluidity of it. You can make the rules. Reflecting on the work of just one experimental man has reminded us that creativity can come from anywhere at anytime. Though Bowie was 'always the coolest in the room', we strive to make that space even more so. Thank you for the inspiration.


We've put together our favourite Bowie tracks for a fabulous playlist we know you'll adore. Listen here.

Life On Mars
Ashes To Ashes
Queen Bitch
Young Americans
Man Who Sold The World
Golden Years
Everyone Says Hi!
The Jean Genie
Lady Grinning Soul
Where Are We Now



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