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Forget dieting. Detox your home instead to achieve instant, fabulous results! We've come up with five top tips to help you revive your living space and feel refreshed as a result.


If you haven't used it in the last 6 moths then chuck it. Whether it's cracked plates or old pots they have got to go! Let's face it, a cup of tea does not taste as good in a chipped mug. Treat yourself to our whimsical Jo Lee mugs, or the unique and beautiful Slick mug to replace the tired ones in your cupboard. It's a small price to pay for something that makes such a positive difference!


Lighting leads the atmosphere of a room. Bright task lights are perfect for work spaces, but for bedrooms and living rooms where you want to relax, then dimmer switches are a must. For when you really want to relax, create a zen atmosphere with candles - perfect for an evening unwind.

It's not only the lamp that matters. We've got a gorgeous selection of bulbs that will not only enhance the ambiance in your home but you'll be glowing too!

Choose from a selection of diamondsglobes and decorative filaments for statement lighting you can be proud of all year round.


Scents in the home are vital in enhancing our moods. One way you can do this is by adding essential oils to your bathroom hand soaps and moisturisers. Notes of oils such as bergamot, cedarwood or sweet orange can be added to your soaps to give them a more deluxe feel and smell. Not only will certain scents invigorate you, but others aim to relax - you can compliment your scent of choice with our Kiss The Moon Bath Oils and guarantee a gorgeous nights sleep!

If you would rather use a more attractive soap bottle than a supermarket one, we have some lovely dispensers to contain your newly perfumed creation. We offer a selection of marble, concrete and glass bottles that would look amazing in your bathroom. A favourite of ours is the beautifully cut Stone Soap Dispenser that, with its weight and exposed smooth top, adds a feeling of total spa-like luxury.


Forget a Gym membership. Reorganising your home storage is one hell of a workout. There are always innovative ways to trim and slim - but with the RSG routine you don't even have to leave the house. Crank up the music, and pull everything out of your wardrobe. Everything. There's one simple rule for clothing, and that's if you never wear it - chuck! Donating clothes to a friend or charity is a great way to organise your closet.

We have a huge range of baskets you can tuck towels, linen, bags or shoes in - away from prying eyes! Take a good look at our Home Storage department for industrial-inspired shelving and racks, baskets and boxes that will be perfect for neatly displaying, hiding or just organising all of last year's stuff.


Rearranging your furniture changes the energy in a room. If you don't fancy a total redecoration, then moving a cabinet here or a bed there will totally transform the space into something new.

The concept of Feng Shui is important in understanding how to harmonise your home. Focus on details and what they mean to you.

The way a room flows is the most important aspect, so make sure any things that could be perceived as clutter are actually memorable items that you can display as a collection. Surround yourself with things you love whilst being aware of where they should go.

Edit your belongings! Don't just add and add. A simple action of moving your chairs and coffee table can change a room entirely - try it before you splash out on a new one that you probably don't need!

P.S. Placing an ice cube on the carpeted area where a chair or table leg has been will get rid of those annoying imprints. Leave to melt, blot up the water and're welcome!

HERE'S TO 2016

These are the kind of attainable goals we like. No one needs added pressure in their life - particularly not from themselves! Make your way through these resolutions and we know you'll see them through with a smile. Enjoy!



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