Define your interior design style using moodboards.

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With overwhelming amounts of inspiration at our fingertips every single day, it can be difficult to firstly identify your own style and also to find the products that you like and want to put into your home. The decor we choose is an extension of our personality and taste, so it is extremely rewarding to receive complements on a well put together scheme and define a 'look' that is all yours.

One way of sorting through ideas that you love is to create a moodboard. It's usually the first thing I do when collating a new collection. Gather images from magazines and books, blogs and websites and put them into categories that work well together, and then constantly edit; adding in and take away as it evolves. If you like working digitally then Pinterest boards are an easy and great way of collating images together from all over the web. I've chosen a few of my favourite styles to show you how - but always go with what you feel connected to, or perhaps what you have started at home with already...


Earthy, Ethnic Style Interiors. One of my favourite looks for next season. Great for those of you who love to travel and have collected many artifacts along the way. Earthy tones can be sharpened up with jewel greens and ochre yellows, or you can keep it earthy with warm tones of brown, charcoal, ivory and black. Texture is really important here. Sheepskins work well mixed with glass, ceramic and wood.


Minimalist Interiors. If you like clean lines and no fuss, a minimalist style may be the look for you. It's a very style-led chic look that involves very little in the way of styling. The focus lays mainly on key pieces of architectural furniture and a very simplified colour palette. Lighting is very important - tall floor lamps look incredible and provide a source of warmth in the room.



Pop of Colour. Let's face it - colourful rooms are fun rooms. I personally prefer a dark colour palette, but that's not to say a pop of colour can't jazz things up a little from time to time. I've seen neon pink and yellow painted on the edge of doorways, which looks fab and creates a bit of excitement.



Monochrome Interiors. I love a monochrome look. It's easy to achieve and sets the tone for a more grown up feel. You can easily adapt if you decide to change the look, by adding in colour and textures later on. A collection of graphic prints, cushions and soft textured rugs can create a more homely vibe.



Scandi Style. This is definitely the easiest look to achieve as it's so popular and so homeware shops are full to the brim of affordable items. It's a warmer take on monochrome with classic white walls, soft wood tones and piles of cushions, throws, rugs, graphic artwork and plants.



Glam Rock Interiors. Distinctive and bold - this is for the brave! Push the boundaries and go for anything a bit wild. Dark and moody palettes are a growing trend that many people are going for this year. Metallics, plush fabrics like velvet, leather and fur with hints of industrial lighting and furniture.



Beautifully Boho.  What dreams are made of. Ethnic patterns, dream catchers, cosy draped fabric, fairy lights and sheepskins. Soft, warm and rustic with hints of shimmering light.  A very laid-back look.



Eclectic Mix. An Eclectic look is often the hardest look to pull off as it involves so many different styles all combined into one room. Try and tie it together in some way, like using a few key pieces that are similar in colour or texture, as it can very quickly look cluttered and crowded.



Mid-Century Modern.  Retro vintage inspired schemes always look cool. You can pick up a scruffy sideboard fairly cheaply and give it some love to turn it into something rather beautiful. This look revolves around the fabulous furniture of that era, so choose carefully. For colour, think 60's and 70's jewel tones and go bold.

11123728_863004100433929_1997105558_n Discovering Your Interior Style by Sophie Fairbairn (PR & Marketing at Rockett St George).


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