With the arrival of beautiful new marble and brass tables to Rockett St George this Spring Summer we have gotten ourselves all excited about what we will be displaying upon them in our studio. Which also got us thinking about how tricky it can be curating an interesting table top; What do you place and where?
We'd like to share five top interior design tips for you to transform the way you display and create a stylish table top that will give even the most covetable magazine covers a run for their money!


Here are 5 Top Interior Design Trade Secrets that will help you get the look:

1. Create Height. The easiest and most beautiful way to create height on your table is with a lovely bouquet of flowers displayed in a tall glass vase. Lanterns and Hurricanes can equally achieve height, try placing them off center.

2. Books, Books, Books. We love to pile up our favourite books on the coffee table. It keeps inspiration fresh in our minds and gives visitors something lovely to read or flick through with a coffee or glass of wine.

3. Something Scented. Scented Candles are a must in our opinion. Always have an alluring scented candle at hand for your display, or try a room spray or favourite perfume in a pretty bottle.

4. Artifact Story. Choose an object that you have collected from your travels or something that is special to you and display it on your table. A quirky little ornament displayed inside a glass dome will look great.

5. Always be Odd. This is a general rule of thumb for all displays - odd numbers only! Either one, three or five, depending on the size of your table.


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For more inspiration have a look at our Table Top Tips on Pinterest.

Happy Styling! x

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