With the exciting arrival of our brand new in-house designed collection we thought what better time to share some inside tips on Storage and Styling to help you recreate a beautiful home with fabulous new furniture and home accessories.

Storage is often thought of as a necessity, and while it is just that, there is no reason why we can't inject a little charm and style to help pull together a great scheme leaving your house guests inspired by your home. With beautiful new home accessories being added daily, styling has never been so easy and so fun! We hope you will love it all and enjoy transforming your home.


Here are our top 5 trade secrets that will help you get the look:
1. Texture. Layer up and mix different materials together such as wood, natural jute, metal and glass to create a well-balanced look.
2. Pattern. Don't be afraid! And if you are a little cautious, the natural rug we have used in our shoot is perfect for you - It'll fit in with any scheme and keeps the look subtle and warm.
3. Make a Statement. One really stand out piece can transform a room completely and gives you a basis to work from. We've chosen the new Loft Chest of Drawers because of it's dark and distressed finish; It looks great sharpened up with glass and metallic accessories.
4. For The Love of Art. Absolutely anything can be a work of art. We've tied in the tones of this room by framing a beautiful print, pairing it with an [incredibly realistic!] faux succulent plant and adding a selection of hurricane lamps to curate a 'collection' for display. The Swan Hooks are a clever idea as they not only solve storage, they work as a piece of art too!
5. We always talk about the impact of lighting, it's the most important part of achieving a calm ambiance. The new Giant Glass Ceiling Light is a glorious way of displaying trendy vintage style bulbs. We'd recommend fitting all lights with a dimmer switch so that you can change up the mood easily.

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