The other day a lovely customer suggested that we start a home decor advice column. What a great idea, why haven't we thought of that before?! Today we are thrilled to launch a regular newsletter and blog feature called 'Six of The Best' where we will be focusing on a different aspect of home decoration. We are kicking off with the most important component of any room design ...Lighting.


1. Turn it off! Central lights create a blank light with no shadows or interest. Just turn it off and focus on creating new light sources around the rest of the room. It will change everything!

2. Dare to be Dim As many lights as possible should be fitted with a dimmer switch, even in the bathroom! Lighting needs to be changed for different events, bright lights are acceptable when working at the dining table or bathing the kids, etc... But they need to be dimmed for dinner parties and long luxurious bathing. Change your light level as you would you clothing - different outfits for different occasions.

3. Create Layers Lamps and wall lights are an essential part of creating a mood in a room. I recommend at least 3 light sources at different heights in a living room, more if possible. Use these to create pockets of light which illuminate your favourite artwork or ornaments. Doing this will create shadows and atmosphere which add to the personality of a living space and makes a room cosy and welcoming.

4. Make a Statement The only occasion when a central pendant light is acceptable is in a hallway or over a dining table. These lights should be fabulous! Try a chandelier or something with a sharp silhouette, such as the RSG Molecular Ceiling Light or Six Arm Ceiling Light.

5. Be Odd Lights over kitchen islands are on trend, look fantastic and are super practical too. But please make sure you have an odd number, go for 3 or 5. Just like flowers in a vase, they work better when odd.

6. Take to Task Good light is necessary for working and reading, etc. A directional wall light or desk light is a wonderful thing. You don't need to flood the whole room with light, but just your work space. I suggest the gorgeous Brown & Copper Wall Light or the Retro Metal Desk Lamp.

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