Free-spirited, bohemian, creative, a thrift shop expert ... Liz Kamarul is everything we want to be.

We first came across Liz Kamarul when Jane Rockett, co-founder of Rockett St George, discovered this gorgeous hand-painted wall on Pinterest. We just loved the image and naturally, we had to know more about Liz, who had actually hand-painted the wall herself! So we spent hours going through her Pinterest pages and checking out her website.... and oh WOW, Liz ethereal, boho style is so inspiring!

Liz Kamarul_Wallpaper

Working as a stylist, designer, and blogger from the other side of the pond this year Liz and her husband have sold up and embarked on an adventure around the US in their RV with their dogs. Of course, with such an interesting year ahead we just had to find out more about Liz, her home, her RV and her big adventure ...

1. Tell us about yourself. When did your love for interiors and beautiful vintage pieces first begin?

I've been obsessed with Interiors my entire life and really started getting into thrifting when I was in college and had my own space to decorate.

Liz Kamarul_living Room

2. You’ve travelled the world and visited some of the most beautiful places. Is there anywhere that you have found particularly inspiring interior-wise and why?

I feel like I haven't seen too many places specifically since when I travel I've always been drawn to beaches. But I did love what I saw in Mexico And I'm really excited to go to Palm Springs I love their style there.

3. You, your partner Tim and your two four-legged friends have recently embarked on an exciting adventure to travel the US in a renovated 1982 Winnebago RV. What inspired you to go on this adventure?

We decided to take on this adventure because we wanted to have more quality time together and experience a more interesting life on a day-to-day basis.

Liz Kamrul_RV Image

4. How did you decide to decorate your RV to suit you and your partner’s style?

Tim has always been way more minimalist than me and likes a neutral colour palette. I'm not sure if he feels like he really got his way in the Winnebago but it's definitely less cluttered than our house so I think he's happy enough.

Liz Kamarul_RV_DIYA before and after shot of Liz Kamarul's RV

5. Typically RVs are not known for its generous storage space. How did you overcome this hurdle? Did you utilise clever storage solutions or have you decided to minimalize?

We're definitely learning how to utilise storage in a whole new way and we've gotten rid of a lot which has been freeing.

6. Which piece of furniture, ornament or special treasure did you have to take with you on your travels?

I actually put most things into storage, I really wanted to bring a whole new style into the Winnebago.

Liz Kamarul_bedroom

7. What is your top piece of advice for someone who wants to create spectacular interiors without blowing their budget?

Try painting the walls or putting up wallpaper  - it's such a huge transformation without too big of a budget. Also, consistently go to thrift stores and flea markets, with patience you'll find the most amazing treasures.

Liz Kamarul_Bathroom

8. What advice would you give to someone who wants to go on an adventure, but is too afraid to take the leap?

Figure out what it is that you want and make a little list of how you think you could get there. Take your time if you need to But just do it, what do you have to lose?

9. What’s next for Liz Kamarul?

I have no idea and I love it that way!

Liz Kamarul_RV Kitchen

10. Finally, name three new RSG products that you love?

I'm obsessed with the gallery velvet cocktail chair, the tropical wallpapers and the Angeles shadow black wire chandelier.

Liz Kamarul's RSG product favouritesRSG Products Featured: Angelus Shadow Black Wire Chandelier £1,450.00 | Gallery Velvet Cocktail Chair - Golden Glow £525.00 | Mind The Gap Wallpaper Collection - Tropical Leaf £150.00

Quick Fire Questions

  1. I am happiest when… I'm redecorating the house
  2. My favourite magazine is… This might be crazy but I don't look through too many magazines lately.
  3. My dream holiday would be…  Japan, I don't know why?!
  4. My ideal day would be spent…. In the Cabana by the beach, with a drink.
  5. My personal motto is… Go with your gut.
  6. My guilty pleasure is… Kraft macaroni and cheese.
  7. The last film I saw was… Keanu
  8. My favourite book is… I haven't read enough books as of late to have a favourite one. Setting a new goal for this year right now. Or possibly The Alchemist...
  9. In five years’ time, I want to be… Content with my life
  10. The three things I can’t live without are… My family, spaghetti and sunshine.


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