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We can all spend HOURS drooling over Interiors on Pinterest. So finding a blog whose creator features their own fabulous home is a significant step up in the inspirational interiors game!


Our attention was first drawn to when we voted for our shortlist favourites in the Amara Blog Awards. Writer Olivia Silk has curated a collection of stories from travel inspiration and beauty tips - to her own impressive interiors home renovation project and DIY tutorials and tips. We wanted to take 10 mins to get to know Olivia a little better...


1. What is a typical day like for you?
In the morning I spend about half an hour getting ready for work, 20 minutes of
which are spent telling my dogs that I won’t be long and how much I love them. I
then head to my 8-4pm job in marketing which I love. As soon as I get home I’m
in blogger mode, I’m trying to blog a couple times a week at the moment so it’s
a squeeze trying to fit it all in. Cups of tea help the process along. And then
it’s bed time and repeat!


2. Why did you decide to become a blogger and how did it come about?
Lust Living began when I brought my current house 2 and a half years ago and
pursued my passion for creating liveable spaces centred around minimal design.
After a year of renovating I decided to share what I was doing online but never
thought anyone would read it!

3. What do you enjoy the most about having a blog?
Being able to share my home and decor ideas with people that appreciate
interiors too. There’s so much scepticism surrounding the choice to share so
much of your life online, so much negativity and ‘trolls’, but I’ve received so
much support and kindness from people reading my blog and following my instagram
feed it’s been overwhelming.


4. Congratulations on being shortlisted for an Amara Blog Award - what 3 top
tips would you give to anyone wanting to start their own successful blog?

1. Photography is key. I have a degree in photography which I think has helped
me massively on the blogging front, but take the time to learn to use your
camera and always use natural lighting - it's your best friend!
2. Don't force a blog post. It's easy to feel pressured to blog regularly but I
find posts always turn out so much better when they come naturally and when it’s
something you’re excited about.
3. Blog because you love it, not for the free stuff you hope to get or for the
milestone numbers of followers (as great as they are). I've only been blogging
for coming up to a year and it's been a juggle making time for it alongside
working a full time 8-5 job, five days a week, but I have the motivation to work
on my blog when I get home from work because I thoroughly enjoy what I am
writing about. It takes a lot of commitment so make sure whatever you that you
love whatever it is you are going to be blogging about.



5. How would you describe your own personal Interiors Style?
I’m most inspired by Scandinavian design so I try to reflect that in my own
home, quite minimalist and I like to keep the colours fairly neutral.

6. What are your best tricks and tips for creating a beautiful home?
White is a good place to start. If you like colour, try a feature wall. I like
to add different textures to a room, like a sheepskin rug, a chunky cable knit
blanket and always add a touch of metallic – I’m really into brass at the


7. What is your favourite room in your home and what does it look like?
My bedroom, it has different tones of grey, blush linen bedding, a chunky knit
throw at the end of the bed and a double grey sheepskin rug to keep my feet warm
in the morning.


8. Do you have any plans to re-decorate? If so, what are your plans?
My next big project is putting an ensuite bathroom in, I’m currently choosing
between about ten marble tile samples that basically look the same! Help!

9. What / Where / Who inspires you?
Only Deco Love & Stylizimo – the ultimate Scandi bloggers.

10. Finally, list 3 RSG products that you love!
Round Brass and Marble Drinks Trolley
Matt Brass Linea Directional Wall Light
Genuine Sheepskin Rug - Silky Black

Quick Fire Questions:

I am most happiest when… Sleeping

My favourite magazine is… Living etc

My dream holiday would be… Bora Bora in an over water villa

My ideal day would be spent…. At home with my dogs having a duvet day

My personal motto is… Don’t care what anyone else thinks about you or your decisions

My guilty pleasure is… Pretty Little Liars

The last film I saw was… Bridget Jones’ Baby – I loved it, no shame!

My favourite book is… Me Before You

In five years’ time I will be… Hopefully blogging full time

The three things I can’t live without are… My dogs, my Olympus Pen camera and my phone

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