Our second sold out customer event took place at the Hoxton Holborn last night, featuring a talk about how to create a beautiful home from our very own co-Founder Jane Rockett and a Q + A with renowned interior stylist Lucy Gough.

Lucy has gone from strength to strength working in editorial, residential and commercial styling. Having worked for titles such as Livingetc and Sunday Times Style magazines as well as many well-known brands, businesses and designers such as Marks and Spencer, Heal's and the Aram Store - she is passionate about beautiful imagery and very successful in creating it.

We took 10 Mins to catch up with Lucy to share a few extras about the character behind the creativity...


Lucy, what's your favourite kind of project to work on, and how do you go about preparing for a styling challenge?

I love a project (no surprise here) where the client lets me do what I think is best. I always find that when I am not hemmed in by a tight brief that my creativity is allowed to shine and the end result is always more successful.

Can you recommend a timeless trend that we can use all year round?

White is the most versatile tone out there. It can feel cosy in the winter and crisp and fresh in the summer. My favourite thing to buy are white ceramics. Vases, vessels, bowls- I can't get enough and I love the way they feel in your hand. You can distress timber with white paint or you can have white in the most modern of aesthetics.


Do you ever break your styling rules when at home?

I would say that my house is quite simple in it's styling. There are a few quirky areas where I have played around with geometric paint techniques on the walls but mainly, I don't really like 'trends' in my own home. I like timeless pieces that will still be beautiful in the years to come. This is also due to the fact I am trying to live a de-cluttered lifestyle and invest in statement pieces rather than hundreds of smaller accessories!

Your blog has won the Amara interior blog award two years in a row! What advice can you give to someone about to start out on their own blogging journey?

Yes, I was not expecting to win a second time! I would just say that from the get-go you should have a simple, clean looking blog. If it is nicely designed from the beginning it means you don't have to think about fixing or changing it 6 months down the track. Also, consistency is the key. I blog every Thursday and I think my readers respond to that.

You write a lot about films on your blog - which we love. Film colour palettes are the best mood boards! Do you incorporate this inspiration from the big screen into your everyday work?

Yes! Though not as often as I incorporate nature. Films are a big influence in my life as my partner wanted to be a film critic in a previous life! So we are always watching something. But nature often has the most extraordinary colour palettes that I can instantly draw inspiration from.

Which room of the house is your favourite to style, and where in the room is the best place to start?

I would say the master bedroom as it will always have the most personality as it's your most intimate space. I'd say to start with the walls and floors. If you get them right then you have laid foundations for an awesome space.


Where would your dream house be, and why?

Probably wherever the country side meets the sea. I love the sound of the ocean and being able to relax outside in a big garden. I supose my dream house is probably where I'm from- Sydney, Australia!

If you could invite anyone round for a dinner party in your amazing home - who would it be?

Ellen Degeneres because she has so much personality and because it turns out she is an amazing interior designer!

I’m happiest when I’m: Eating fish and chips by the seaside.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: Those Sundays where all we do is eat and watch films all day in our pyjamas.
My favourite magazine is: Vogue Living, Australia..
If money was no object I would: Buy a house with a pool.
My best skill is: Styling!
My personal motto is: Never give up and have fun while you're doing it!
My latest obsession: De-cluttering. Ever since I found out I'm having a baby I haven't stopped!
My favourite film is: There are WAY too many. But, one of them is Cinema Paradiso. It's wonderful in every way!
My go to track: Hopopono by GoGo Penguin while I'm working and Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams when I'm cooking.
Three things I can't live without: My wife, my family and Marmite on toast.

Follow Lucy's fabulous Blog, Instagram and Twitter for consistently creative interior styling! Portrait taken by Oliver Perrot and portfolio images by Simon Bevan.


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