Rockett St George Black Lives Matter Statement

In light of recent events, we have been reflecting on our current practices and looking at what Rockett St George can do to support underrepresented communities. Rockett St George stands with #BlackLivesMatter and its our mission to be part of the change.

Whilst inclusivity and diversity has always been part of the very foundation that Rockett St George was built on the Black Lives Matter Movement has made us stop and reflect on where we have fallen short and failed to fairly represent BAME individuals. We realise that our good intentions are not good enough. We can do better than this.

We are committed to empowering all BAME customers, colleagues, partners, and the wider community and want to take this opportunity to publicly make the following pledges.

Our Pledge

We pledge that our channels - our websites, blogs and social media - will at all times endeavour to include people of every color and gender and sexuality.

We pledge to seek out Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates to interview for roles that arise in our businesses. We will always hire the person best for the job, but will endeavour to bring more diverse candidates through the process. We stop short of positive discrimination and we reject tokenism.

We pledge that any events we hold - be they panel discussions or talks dinners, receptions, or media events - will endeavour to include people of all colours and genders.

Our Commitments

  • To continue to stand against racism, inequality, and discrimination of any kind.
  • We commit to amplifying BAME voices in the interior design industry across our social media platforms, marketing campaigns, brand collaborations and at Rockett St George events.
  • Actively redress racial inequality and diversity in our workplace and ensure that our BAME colleagues are fairly represented in the workplace.
  • Review our current product range and identify where we have failed to represent BAME communities and actively redress this.
  • Finally, we commit to being transparent and accountable for our actions and will periodically update this statement to reflect our ongoing work.

We will keep listening and keep learning but if you have any comments or feedback to help us work to amplify BAME voices then do not hesitate to get in touch ( or
We have also included some useful resources at the bottom of this statement to help both those directly affected by recent events along with ways that we can all effect positive change in our local communities.

Jane Rockett & Lucy St George
Directors / Co-Founders of Rockett St George

Useful Resources


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How to talk to your children about anti-racism

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The Black Curriculum

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About Race

Podcast by author and journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge delving further into the conversion about racism, its history and how it leads to the politics of today.

What is White Privilege?

A useful article by Tolerance Magazine debunking what white privilege is and how recognising white privilege can help us affect positive change.


75 Ways You Can Help

Compiled by @chng this guide includes ways to help the #BlackLivesMatter movement through donation, education, action and more.